The Nucore Group unveils three new websites in 2018.

As technology advances and digital becomes the primary source in which consumers access information, the Nucore Group has taken steps to develop websites that will be the backbone of their marketing and communication efforts to engage with customers. The investment will allow customers easy access to relevant product information and news 24/7.

Digital trends informed the design of custom user journeys which encourage new and returning visitors to remain on the group websites. With the updated design and information available, the group has seen a 33.6% increase in visitors (HVAC & R) as well as a 23.8% increase in time spent on the site (Oteac).

In December, the Group will unveil its final website, developed in partnership with the Aberdeen based agency FortyTwo Studio. The company is delighted with the agency’s development in showcasing the group’s speciality products and services - from its engineered HVAC and refrigeration climate-control systems through to its fire safety and security products and services.

Chrissy O’Farrell, Group Marketing Manager stated “Working with Studio FortyTwo has been a pleasure. From the beginning they recognised our digital goals and helped to sharpen the design and logic along the way. With their team and expertise, I knew I could rely on them for such an important project.”

As Nucore Group continues its expansion into new regions and markets, the new website along with the group’s sales and marketing team will play a pivotal role in connecting with its customers. Websites can be viewed at:

About Us

The Nucore Group is a portfolio of specialist engineering companies which provide engineering products and services, from fire and security to climate control engineering.

Established in 2016 and headquartered in Aberdeen, Nucore Group currently comprises Oteac Ltd and HVAC & Refrigeration Engineering Ltd.

Operating internationally with over 130 employees the group businesses support the offshore oil and gas, onshore petrochemical and marine industries, as well as large private and public-sector clients.