Oteac supports offshore transformer platform with fire system maintenance programme

Oteac Ltd, part of Nucore Group, is a specialist in the provision of integrated fire and safety services to the offshore energy sector. Its latest contract saw the company delivering a service contract to a European offshore wind farm off the coast of Belgium.The company has successfully secured and delivered a new contract for the provision of testing and inspection across a range of fire detection and suppression systems located on an offshore transformer platform.

The 1200 tonne platform is a 4-level structure and one of several transformer stations supporting the 42-turbine wind farm. Each of the substations forms an essential part of the wind farm, collecting and exporting the power generated.

After Oteac had successfully delivered the inspection, John Robertson, Offshore Development Manager reported: "Minimising risk to assets is critical and regular maintenance is a priority. Keeping the transformer platform operational and safeguarding against the risk of fire is key to ensure business continuity for our client."

The offshore transformer platform contains a range of sensitive fire and smoke detection equipment requiring both routine inspection and maintenance. Oteac's fire-specialist technicians inspected the platform's foam system, inert gas suppression systems in the electrical switchgear rooms, portable fire extinguishers located on each of the 4-levels and flame and smoke detection systems.

Oteac has been supporting the on and offshore energy sector for over 30 years with its products and services designed to manage the risk presented to life and assets from exposure to fire and gas.