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Client requested the deep cleaning of ductworks in Galley, Laundry and Accommodation areas whilst the asset was operational and fully manned.

During planning discussions, we noted the asset LEV testing/examination was also due, and we were made aware of an issue with a Galley walk in fridge freezer unit. There was a strict 21-day window available to perform the scopes.

Nucore Project Scope

Due to the asset being manned to capacity there was a severe lack of bed space, coupled with restrictions with access to the galley and personnel cabins. These restrictions would affect the work program, and in turn would lead to unavoidable down timeā€¦our personnel would have to be flexible to work out with normal hours to accommodate.
A portion of the Galley extraction/ducting would also have to be stripped out and steam cleaned due to a high accumulation of hardened grease, adding to the workload.

Key Outcomes of the Project

Pre mobilisation planning meetings with client identified the above requirements and issues. Our client concurred we should provide 2 teams- a day shift team consisting of a lead Duct Technician assisted by a LEV Commissioning Engineer, and a nightshift team comprising a lead Duct Technician assisted by a Refrigeration Engineer.
Coordination of works to avoid conflict with other core crew and/or contractors work scopes on the asset were identified as critical and considered in formulating the schedule.

The ductworks inspection and cleaning, LEV testing, and the issues with the galley walk in fridge freezer were successfully completed safely, within time, and within budget.
This was testimony to working closely with our client in planning, on asset core crew cooperation during execution of the scopes, and our Technicians ability to integrate/multitask.


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