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Local Government Authority (Council) are responsible for vital services for people and business within Aberdeenshire.



We have a long-standing relationship with this local authority. Strong working partnerships have been developed and retained as we delivered a full range of Fire and Security services.

The Waste and Recycling Services department of the Local Authority had a requirement to install a solution that provided restricted and pre booked entry to all 12 of their Waste and Recycling sites.

A solution was required to automate this process, and Nucore designed and installed an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera system and integrated automatic barrier installation which had connectivity and full integration with the Council’s 3rd Party Online Booking system.

This would allow patrons of the recycling center to book a timeslot through their APP and on arrival their number plate would be read, the information was to be fed through to the 3rd Party booking systems software and if validated the barrier would automatically raise.



An extremely tight timescale. This timescale presented many challenges including but not limited to, procurement, logistics, 3rd party integration and LAN/WIFI network integration.



Site visits with the client’s representative were carried out to review all 12 sites to ensure responsibility for the required scopes was clear. This also gave us a chance to capture any hazards and prepare suitable RAMS and Program of Works.

Once the project plan was in place and we were comfortable with the scope and timescale delivery, a procurement plan was put in place. 

A significant amount of testing was employed to ensure we met the specified “Read Rate” required to meet the acceptance of the Online Booking Software. Once completed the systems were made live with immediate success and benefit to the client.



Nucore provided our client with a bespoke solution that reflected and met with all their requirements and timescales.



The entire project was completed, handed over and invoiced within the timescale. 

An annual subscription for the Network connectivity and ongoing maintenance with both remote and 24Hr service is in place giving our client piece of mind that their systems health can be monitored and responded to by Nucore at all times.




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