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Our client had recognised the limitations of their current CCTV system on the vessel and was looking to modernize and enhance the capabilities of their existing system.

They wanted to explore the possibility of upgrading the system from analogue to IP and to gain the additional benefits this brings.

Nucore Project Scope

As a result of the harsh environment that support vessels operate in, the systems on the vessels must be of the highest specification to ensure their reliability when there is a critical requirement for them to perform to the highest standards.

There are very limited opportunities to gain access to the vessel to carry out any upgrades or replacements of systems. Vessels are only in dock for a short time and during these visits, maintenance of all systems are of a very high priority and as a result space and access can be extremely challenging.

Meticulous planning was required between Nucore and all interested parties on the vessel due to the additional safety precautions from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Key Outcomes of the Project

Nucore provided our client with hardware to resolve the issues with the CCTV system on the vessel, we installed & commissioned the system, as well as on board technical support and full system training.

This system upgrade shall allow the future development of our clients CCTV system to meet their ever changing requirements as the system now has the capabilities to provide a wide range of benefits enabled by the development of IP systems.


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