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Checking all F-Gas related equipment and systems on the asset, and compilation of a F-Gas register as per required legislation.

Any refrigerant leak or other issues found in the equipment/systems were required to be remedied during the mobilization.

Nucore Project Scope

Because regulations change so quickly, our customer’s F-Gas register required updating.

Failing to meet regulations could incur HSE improvement notices or fines, compromise safety to personnel and the environment, as well as risking possible reputational damage.

The asset was in full production at the time, meaning our Refrigeration Engineer had to cooperate very closely with the Site Management.

We also had to source as many spare parts as possible in case of any required running repairs - this involved close contact with the asset owner re: the type of equipment/systems on board prior to mobilisation.

Key Outcomes of the Project

The client now has a comprehensive F-Gas register to hand. We constantly update our client of any changes of requirements in legislation and therefore can implement updates in a timely manner. We also track schedules and timescales and will liaise with the client as and when actions are due.

Because the  requires regular F-gas related servicing, we planned in the same Refrigeration Engineers future mobilisations to regularly service the equipment, creating site familiarity.




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