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Graham Boyne has been Business Development Manager at Nucore Group for the past 12 years. In that time, he has made various integral changes within the company, such as extending capabilities from predominantly oil & gas to the renewables sector. These changes include various successful contracts such as two full offshore windfarm substation projects and ongoing maintenance contracts on more than a dozen windfarm sites.

Day to day, Graham is responsible for various renewables business development activities, from bringing in new opportunities, technical support within the department and further developing into the renewables sector. Graham took on the role of developing the renewables service offering within Nucore, due to his enthusiasm inside and outside of work for the environment and is proud to say that his home is run on 100% renewable energy.

When asked what Graham enjoys most in his role at Nucore, he said he really enjoys working in and  supporting an industry that he is passionate about and because he ‘lives and breathes’ fire safety, which is directly applicable to the renewables sector.

Throughout the 31 years in his fire safety career, Graham’s knowledge and contacts within the industry have enabled him to set up key agreements with leading industry manufacturers and suppliers to help support the projects that are currently being delivered and maintained.  

Graham is looking forward to continuing to expand into the renewables sector in the next few years and would like to see Nucore in a position to be maintaining two-thirds of all the major offshore windfarms in UK waters and have another two or three offshore windfarm projects under the Nucore belt.

Please contact Graham at if you would like to set up a quick call to discuss the Nucore Group service offerings.